‘Reward is to
the Brave’

As Old Boys still proud of the Black and White, we are committed to giving back to our schools to ensure that Selbornians for generations to come are equipped with everything they need to be effective men and citizens in society.


About the Selborne Foundation

In 2010 the idea of a dedicated fund-raising entity for Selborne was introduced, and this led to the launching of the Legacy Project in 2011. This was a three-year project with three specific objectives:

  • the ability to award Bursaries and Scholarships
  • to raise funds for specifically needed capital projects
  • to give birth to the Selborne Foundation Trust (SFT)

As the dedicated fund-raising entity of Selborne, the SFT works closely with all other entities and bodies of the schools to ensure there is no duplication of scarce resources to ensure maximum accessibility to and development of all forms of third-stream funding for the schools.

The Whippet Trust and the Greyhound Trust, together with the Old Selbornian Association agreed to participate in the establishment of the SFT for the ultimate benefit of the Selborne schools through their respective Trusts, and to do all things necessary to ensure its success.

Selborne turns 150!

In 2022 Selborne will be celebrating its 150-jubilee year. With that in mind, the SFT will be at the forefront of raising funds to establish a Jubilee Fund. The aim is to raise a large enough capital sum that will generate a steady source of income to the Selborne schools for their continued growth and development into the future without eroding the capital value of the Fund.

Selborne Foundation House

In 2014, we moved into Foundation House situated at 4 Dawson Road, across the road from the main rugby field at Selborne College. The property had been purchased thanks to the kind contribution of a generous Old Selbornian, together with funds raised by the Old Selbornian Association. The conversion of the house into a suite of offices, complete with a state-of-the-art boardroom, was made possible thanks to the contributions made by Old Selbornians.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work together to develop the Selborne schools into exceptional, state of the art schools where our boys can begin their journey as Selborne pups and remain connected throughout their schooling and after matriculating from Selborne College in a lifelong social network.

The Trustees

Mr Andrew Reeves (Chairman) – Class of 1985

Mr Mark Andrews – Class of 1989

Mr Gwyn Bassingthwaighte – Class of 1971

Mr Brad Breetzke – Class of 1984

Mr Angus Pringle – Class of 1990

Mr Howard Walker – Class of 1979

School Projects

Jubilee Tower

The Jubilee Tower was constructed as a symbolic representation of the 150 Jubilee, to capture the heritage of the past, acknowledge the present and inspire hope for the future. Funded by Mrs Gillian Gray, wife of the late Allan Gray, an Old Selbornian.

Water Polo Pool

Water Polo Centre

The Water Polo centre has been transformed into a world class facility. The upgrades included the installation of heat pumps and blankets, lights were erected and new cabling for the scoreboard was laid. New grandstands have been built and covered; paving was laid as well as a new scorer’s platform built.

150 Jubilee Celebration 

Selborne Foundation Project Music

Music Centre

Funds raised by the Selborne Foundation contributed towards the construction costs of the new Music Centre. Selborne is very proud of the budding musicians benefiting from the dedicated and well-equipped centre.

Selborne Foundation Project Rugby photo

Rugby Grandstand

A generous donation by an Old Selbornian allowed for the construction of new seating at the rugby fields known as the Alf Preston Rugby Grandstand, from where many war cries and cheering can be heard from.

School Upgrade Project Gallery

Bursaries and Scholarships

Through the Foundation, bursaries and scholarships are provided to deserving boys.  Contributions are paid into the Selborne Foundation Fund to be utilized at the discretion of the Trustees (in consultation with the Headmaster).  Should a person / company specifically request to donate a bursary, the donation must be sufficient to fund a self-standing bursary to cover the full schooling costs of at least one student per annum.

Fundraising Initiatives

Jubilee Fund

The Selborne Foundation Trust has launched the Jubilee Fund to raise R 30 million in three years. This will be used to establish an endowment to provide funding for scholarships for promising boys to attend Selborne, to assist the school with important capital projects as well as building a financial buffer to allow the schools to manage financial storms in future. The 150 Jubilee Fund provides a unique opportunity to make a positive difference to a school that made an impact on each Selbornian who attended the College.

150 for 150

We are encouraging Old Boys to participate in our 150 for 150 fundraising initiative,
by signing up for a Debit Order for 150 in any currency / denomination of 150!



In our quest to secure our Schools’ future the Selborne Foundation launched Phase 1 of the advertising board campaign at Selborne Primary and College in 2018. Phase 1 was a tremendous success thanks to the support of over forty local and national companies. The success of Phase 1 lead to the launch of phase 2 which has realized an additional ten new contracts for the Selborne Schools. Limited space is still available in Phase 2.

Contact Shaun Fourie on 043 722 0125 or



Forever be linked to Selborne and have your name engraved onto a pillar in the fence line surrounding Selborne College. The cost of an entire pillar is R15,750.00 and up to 7 names and the year which you left Selborne, can be engraved onto a granite plaque. Individual names can be added to existing pillars for a cost of only R2,500.00 per name and year. Book your space along with other classmates / teammates / friends / family or other Old Boys.

Contact Vicki Gardner on 043 722 0125 or



Over the past three years we have signed sponsorship agreements for the following sporting codes and  festivals at the Selborne Schools: Cricket, Rugby, Water Polo and Hockey. Thank you to all companies that have supported us over the past three years.
For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities at the Selborne Schools:

Contact Shaun Fourie on 043 722 0125 or


Help us realise our vision for the future, help us remain sustainable for the next 150 years, help us produce men of excellence.

FIND US AT Foundation House
4 Dawson Road, Selborne
East London, South Africa, 5201